Over 17,800 health workers conduct survey of 13 lakh households in Bengaluru to identify Covid-19 susceptible people

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BENGALURU: About 2,150 health survey teams are fanning out across the city, identifying those susceptible to Covid-19 and creating a database for effective surveillance. The teams comprising about 17,800 members — teachers, anganwadi workers and booth-level BBMP officials — have surveyed 13 lakh of the targeted 36 lakh households in Bengaluru.

While eight lakh households have been surveyed manually, data of five lakh has been uploaded on the BBMP Health Watch app, which has been fed with the city’s electoral rolls.

“The team visits every household in a locality and poses questions about travel history, looking for people above the age of 55, those with children aged less than 1, pregnant/lactating women, persons with diabetes and BP and those with respiratory issues like ILI, SARI and Covid-19 symptoms like fever,” said S Basavaraju, special commissioner (IT), who is spearheading the drive. “Till now, we have been able to study data from 3.8 lakh households whose details have been uploaded on the app. Of these, we have identified 1.3 lakh for follow up — over 1.1 lakh senior citizens, 2,860 people with co-morbidities, 599 with SARI, ILI and Covid-19 symptoms and more than 10,000 pregnant/lactating women,” he added.

M Srinivasa, ARO (election section), BBMP, said: “The survey is just the first phase. We will closely monitor the health conditions of those susceptible to Covid-19. In case of any problem, surveyors will rush them to hospitals.”

Mythra K, a teacher who is part of a survey team in Malleswaram, said some citizens were hesitant to share their details as they were clueless about the teams and their mission. “We briefed them and they provided us the information. People are worried about their health and Covid-19 has instilled a sense of responsibility in them,” said the teacher.

Mythra said they are armed with masks and sanitisers, but several teachers are miffed with the education department for having deputed them without looking into their health condition.

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