Questioned over illicit relationship, man kills his wife by injecting pesticide in Bengaluru

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BENGALURU: A 30-year-old employee of a district government hospital was arrested on charges of murdering his wife by injecting pesticide on Monday night.

Ijoor police said Deepa T, 24, a resident of Ramanagara town, was killed by her husband Venkatesh G after she questioned him about his affair with another woman. Venkatesh is an on-contract data-entry operator with the hospital. “He poisoned her when she was asleep,” the police said.

According to police, the incident took place around 11pm on Monday and Deepa was declared dead on arrival by doctors at the hospital around 1am on Tuesday. “Her parents had taken her to the hospital after learning that something was amiss,” police said.

Deepa’s father Timmaiah filed a murder case against Venkatesh, suspecting he may have injected poison.

Based on the complaint, Ijoor police brought in Venkatesh for questioning and he confessed to the crime. “He told us she’d cheated on him,” police said.

Venkatesh and Deepa got married on March 23, 2019. Police said she learnt about Venkatesh’s illicit relationship and told her parents about it in July.

“Both their parents met and advised him to discontinue the illicit relationship. But Deepa recently found out he hadn’t done so and questioned him,” police said, adding that they were yet to determine the chemical, syringe and other items used.

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