Indian Railways: Luxury Trains You Don’t Know About

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There’s something unusual about a train ride. You don’t have the aches of driving a car, nor do you have to stress about some of the disadvantages of flying: like the restricted views of the beautiful landscapes and almost non-existent mobility. Combine the comfort of train travel with some stunning views, and you get a better version of a road trip.

That’s why we’re already thinking of packing our bags to hop onto these trains one by one.

The Desert Queen (Jodhpur-Jaisalmer)


If you are ready to pay a good price for the sake of luxury travel, go for a desert safari on the Desert Queen which runs from the blue city Jodhpur to the golden city of Jaisalmer. When you board this train, you do not need much more than a glass of luxe wine, a fancy meal and some beautiful views of the radiant sunrays kissing the golden sand.

The Maharajas Express (Mumbai-Delhi)

The Maharajas Express defines pure luxury travel. India’s expensive luxury train has a large dining, bar, lounge, generator, LCD TVs, direct dial phone, internet, individual temperature controls, suite bathroom and large windows, so you never miss even a moment of sightseeing.

The Himalayan Queen (Kalka-Shimla)

If you are looking for a rare travel experience, this will perhaps turn into your dream come true experience. The Himalayan Queen toy train passes through gorgeous pine jungles, flowing rivulets and colourful meadows. On the way, the cedar-infused breeze works as a breath of fresh air for the weary travellers. The chugging train also crosses sharp curves and steep path—experience that adventure lovers can look forward to.

Palace On Wheels (Rajasthan Tour)

The fame of this popular train is spread far and wide to such an extent that almost every well-aware person in India is acquainted with the word ‘Palace on Wheels’. The luxury train has set the benchmark for luxury train travel in India, and even after almost 35 years post its official launch on the tracks, it holds a coveted place in the list of world’s best luxury trains.

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway (Jalpaiguri-Darjeeling)

Ever fantasised about touring the picturesque tea hills in that chugging, good-looking train in ‘Parineeta’ or ‘Barfi’? The object of your mind trip is the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway which passes through a breathtaking route that has been catching the fancy of movie makers, dreamers, poets, dedicated travellers and even the masses since decades.

Mandovi Express (Madgaon-Mumbai)

A (joy) ride aboard Mandovi Express lets you lay eyes on the beautiful Sahyadri Hills on one side and the Arabian sea on another. Avid Instagrammers get the choicest photos to flaunt in their profile, thanks to the region of rice fields covered by an array of coconut trees and coastal fringes that come through the tour.

The Golden Chariot (Bengaluru-Goa)

The pride of Karnataka, the Golden Chariot, will get you both worlds: beautiful views and amenities galore. The luxury train named after the famous Stone Chariot of Hampi features 19 coaches, a couple of swanky restaurants, a lounge bar, a conference room, gym and spa. A sheer joyride by all means!

Island Express (Kanyakumari-Trivandrum)

When aboard the Island Express, refrain from digging your eyes into a book or anything else; rather keep your peepers ready to behold scenic vistas during the two-hour-long journey from Kanyakumari to Trivandrum. The train passes through green grasslands that are soothing to the eyes and to the mind.

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