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Real beauty is skin deep. And if the trend of mindful beauty is to be believed, the beauty world is finally getting on-board. After all, how do you explain the rise of karma-cleansing haircuts, energy-clearing facials, and chakra-healing pedicures? The new-age beauty regimens aim to spruce you up – inside-out and it’s sweeping social media and your bathroom cabinets. It is seeking mindfulness through your regular salon procedures using chakra-healing, crystals, and aromatherapy-based products. It also marks a return to nurturing ingredients.

The hashtag #mindfulbeauty has been used over 26,000 times on Instagram as people share their mindful rituals that combine ‘slow beauty’ with mindful gestures, breathing techniques, and meditation. Aromatherapist and beauty expert Blossom Kochhar says the reason that such rituals are gaining traction is because people are seeking peace of mind along with their regular salon procedure given the pressures of modern-day living. She adds, “This is self-care of the ultimate kind, as you beautify the self and find emotional solace. Everyone wants to heal at a deeper level and glow from within.”
According to a report released last November by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, the use of meditation more than tripled between 2012 and 2017. Also, according to the Global Wellness Institute, a non-profit organization for the wellness industry, meditation is one of the fastest-growing categories of the $4.2 trillion wellness market. Bottom line: meditation is the current buzzword. Salon technicians are also using crystals to change the vibrations of facial muscles. Kochhar explains, “Crystals vibrate at different frequencies and remove the negative ions from your face and help
you relax.”

Wellness is the trend du jour for the entire beauty industry. In Cosmetic Design’s Beauty and Personal Care Report for 2019, it was found that there’s a shift towards vibrational beauty that incorporates crystals, astrology, and metaphysical learnings. Even make-up has become all about natural ingredients. Salons are creating beauty regimens that have an emotional takeaway to help you destress.
This search for inside-out beauty especially clicks with millennials. Beauty expert Georgia Louise, whose treatments have celebrity fan followers like Emma Stone and Linda Evangelista, uses techniques like Reiki, acupressure, meditational breathing, manipulating the solar plexus to drain puffiness and smooth wrinkles out. Her 20-minute facial massage clears negative and stagnant energy and facilitates enzyme release and drainage.

With current stressful lifestyles more spiritual, mindful elements have come into beauty routine, says Nikita Upadhyay, beauty expert and writer of Roots to Radiance. She adds that beauty and wellness are no longer separate states of being. “I see it as a global realization more than just a trend that evaporates tomorrow,” she notes. Upadhyay even suggests not just stopping at rituals – be mindful of everything from what you wear to using clean beauty products. She adds, “It’s all about being gentle on the earth. So therapeutic elements combined with superficial salon treatments are a reality.” Beauty with benefits, anyone?
With current stressful lifestyles more spiritual, mindful elements have come into the beauty routine. Beauty and wellness are no longer separate
— Nikita Upadhyay, beauty expert
Beauty treatments are now going a step further to be more comforting and nurturing for the skin, body, and soul. This is self-care of the ultimate kind
— Blossom Kochhar, aromatherapy expert

There’s a rise of crown-chakra haircuts done specifically around the new moon for healing and changing your life. Practitioners of energy haircuts believe that people store a lot of stagnant energy in their hair and use Reiki and precise scissors skills to change their headspace – in more ways than one. Leena Mogre, holistic wellness expert, says, “It’s clear that we want treatments to boost our psyche as well as our skin. Full moon haircuts and facials help rebalance the chakras.”

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